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Rug Hooking Museum of North America, Queensland, Nova Scotia

Now open - check the website for times and events

Wondering where Queensland is? It is the community along the oceanside just before Hubbards. The Museum is just outside Hubbards.


The Museum offers an interesting display of hooked rugs from the past as well as recently hooked designs. Every year there are new displays as well as workshops. When they have workshops, they provide an amazing lunch. Linda, and her committee, make a great variety of delicious luncheon items so that it impossible to walk away hungry. These women are all volunteers and deserve thanks for all the time they devote to the Museum.

 Last year, the Tarot Card Exhibit was on display. Hope you did not miss it! Doug hooked one of the rugs in this exhibit. Another year, they had an interesting display by a friend of ours from Japan.  What do they have this year? Check it out.

The Museum sells our smaller Maud Lewis patterns. If you are interested in one of the Maud Lewis patterns, please purchase it from the Museum when you are visiting as these patterns are a valuable contribution toward their bottom line and we are pleased we are able to supply them. 

If you have not been to the Museum,  you should put it on your bucket list. There are lots of very interesting things to see whether or not you are a rug hooker. You really do not want to miss the fabulous Noah's Ark!


Sauder Village, Ohio

22nd Annual Rug Hooking Week - Mon. Aug 13 - Sat. Aug 18, 2018


Sauder Village is the largest rug hooking event in the world with a huge display of beautiful hooked rugs, rug hooking classes and a number of vendors. This year, Sauder Village is recognizing Maud Lewis and will have a display of our patterns including one from Patsy, a Nova Scotian rug hooker.

Patsy will also have a rug in the other display as she has been recognized by Celebrations. Great to see a Nova Scotian get recognition. Way to go Patsy!

We are going as vendors with Maud Lewis patterns, kits and some wools which we dye specifically for these patterns. Doug will be teaching "Mad about Maud". We are looking forward to a great week- meeting old friends and making new ones.

Our friend, Cathy has generously offered to help me with my booth. I can't thank her enough!! Thanks again Cathy! I don't know what I would do if you were not there to help me. Cathy is a Celebrations winner this year. This is the third time she has won and had a rug displayed. Cathy is a McGown certified teacher from California. She hooks beautiful rugs but most of all, she is a wonderful, kind and generous friend.

If you have not been to Sauder Village, maybe this is the year for you to go.



Cape May, Virginia We will be there this year. Several years ago we vacationed in the Blue Mountains with our friend, Andrea, who is now a State Senator in Arizona. We had a great time. We have not been to Cape May and are looking forward to it.

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