I am selling used cutters and wheels. These were used by us, students and customers to cut wools. They never left the premises and were serviced on a regular basis. There are some extra fingers for Rigby cutters available for sale. These all belong to Doug Rankin and are sold directly by him without HST added.

They  are all freshly serviced by either me or Crawford Purdy. Wheels have all been resharpened and tested by Crawford Purdy before put up for sale. None of the cutters or wheels have been used since. A few wooden boxes made by Crawford Purdy are available  and have never been used.

I have Rigby single and doubles, Fraser 500 and one Bliss cutter. These are available first-come-first-available, they will not be restocked.

Call/email for availability and price. 902-445-4644 or dougmarlee@gmail.com


doug rankin