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Rug Hooking Museum of North America, Queensland, Nova Scotia.

The Museum is now open until October, 2023. Open hours are daily from 1000 am to 0500 pm.

Wondering where Queensland is? It is the community along the oceanside just before Hubbards on HWY #3

The Museum offers an interesting display of hooked rugs from the past as well as recently hooked designs. Every year there are new displays as well as workshops. These women by volanteering their time and efforts deserve thanks for  they devotion to the Museum.

In 2021, Doug was their artist of the year. He displayed about 30 of his rugs as well as 10 m0re by several of his students who have been with him for almost 29 years.

Have you seen the Noah’s Ark? It is a three dimensional hooking project by Marjory Shepard Burton who was associated with the Smithsonion. It is well worth the price of admission just to see this very interesting work.  What do they have this year? Check it out.

Each year the Museum focuses on two rug hooking artists, one canadian and one international  and displays rugs hooked by those artists. The Museum also offers an insight into the history of rug hooking through its displays of hooked rugs from the past up to today.

The Museum sells our smaller Maud Lewis patterns. If you are interested in one of the Maud Lewis patterns, please purchase it from the Museum when you are visiting as these patterns are a valuable contribution toward their bottom line and we are pleased we are able to supply them.  We have been licensed since 1998 to produce patterns based on Maud’s paintings.

If you have not been to the Museum,  you should put it on your bucket list. There are lots of very interesting things to see whether or not you are a rug hooker. You really do not want to miss the fabulous Noah’s Ark!

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